fatframe fans and video

Across our news pages find the latest news and social media updates from fatframe HQ including most importantly what our customers think of our super protection system!


‘fatframe is an excellent product, I strongly recommend it! We’re using fatframe in the classroom and it’s very robust. iPads have been dropped on the floor and are completely undamaged! It’s very well designed, allowing for easy access to all ports and the stand allows pupils to view material on the iPad effortlessly.’
Daniel O’Donnell, Teacher, Redhall School

‘fatframe is a great product and truly works. My daughter with autism was at the top of our stairs. She threw it right down stairs and it landed face down on concrete. I was expecting a cracked screen but it was still perfect. 5 stars.’
Kayleigh Denholm, Edinburgh

I’m thoroughly delighted with your product, it’s great for the kids!’
Fiona Munro, Coatbridge

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fatframe video demonstration

Play our video demonstration to see all the features and benefits of the fatframe super protection system. The video montage shows how easy the case is to fit but also how protective the case is when it is being used by kids – being kids! Let us know what you think?